Chargers want Justin Herbert to be a coach on the field

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert had a fantastic rookie season and Drew Brees made it clear recently that he has all the physical tools necessary to be a star in the NFL for a long time.

As Brees knows, however, physical tools are not the entire story. Quarterbacks have to master the mental game as well and that’s something that head coach Brandon Staley is focused on heading into this season.

Staley noted that quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have seen every kind of defense, played in every kind of situation and mastered finding weak spots in a defense. He said “they can operate much more effectively, because they don’t need that extra someone telling them what to do” and the team wants Herbert to get to that place.

“What makes those two guys specifically unique is that you’re eliminating one of the variables in the equation,” Staley said, via Albert Breer of “When they don’t need the coach, when they are the coach, that’s a much more dangerous person to have to defend, because you’re not waiting for the coach to help them. They know how to help themselves. And that’s what I think we’re trying to achieve.”

Brady and Rodgers have a lot more experience than Herbert and it would be unreasonable to expect him to be in the same place at his point in his career, but making strides toward that kind of command of an offense would be reason for even greater optimism about what the future holds for the Chargers.

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