Aaron Rodgers renews his membership at the Green Bay Country Club

It may mean something. It may mean nothing.

Regardless, at a time when the clues are few and far between regarding whether Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will show up fo training camp, a bread crumb has fallen into the trail.

Via TheBigLead.com, Rodgers has renewed his membership at the Green Bay Country Club for the rest of the year.

The optimistic view is that it means Rodgers will be back in Green Bay this year, and not simply to golf. The pessimistic view is that Rodgers is just trolling the front office. The practical view could be that he’s just covering his bases in the event he shows up.

Really, how much can it cost to renew a membership for the balance of the year at the Green Bay Country Club? Whatever the price, it’s sofa coins at best for Rodgers.

Whatever it means, it’s a puzzle piece at a time when there simply aren’t many of them.

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