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LeoVegas: the detailed review of the famous online netting site

When an important international operator arrives with his betting offer in UK he always attracts the interest of fans of the betting world. In this review by LeoVegas we want to satisfy the curiosity of all bettors and discover all the details and secrets of the famous Swedish bookmaker just arrived in other EU countries.

But among the real strengths of the Swedish operator there are not only schedules and payouts. On this page we will also analyze what LeoVegas offers to live bettors. And then we will see how the website is structured from the point of view of graphics and functionality. Without forgetting other useful information such as the quality of customer service and indicяtions on license and security.

Some features

To stay true to its origins, LeoVegas offers a selection of sports that goes far beyond just football. Don’t worry, even the most loved game lovers in the world will find something for their teeth. But they will be in good company. From this point of view it is difficult that you will not find the one that is right for you among the 22 different sports on the menu.

A wide selection of sports and markets

Even if the schedule is as varied as few others in the world of online betting, in our discussion we cannot do without starting from football. On average, more than 15,000 open bets on football are always an excellent business card. To give some examples, there are even 17 English competitions on which you can bet, starting from the Premier League to get to the Professional Development League 2, passing through all levels of professionalism and semi-professionalism across the Channel. Albion football fans can’t be disappointed. Even the most important European nations can count on 3-4 different competitions each. Not to mention the leagues around the world: for Leovegas players it will be possible to place bets from Bahrain to Tanzania.

We are now also talking about other sports, both the most popular among bettors, and those that are considered perhaps unfairly minors. LeoVegas sports bets dedicate a privileged place to tennis and basketball, with countless competitions, including of course the most important ones. But it is above all the most popular sports in Northern Europe that make the difference with the schedules of the other operators. Fans of ice hockey and handball have everything they want: around 25 competitions each fill their program. But let’s not forget less well-known sports like bandy and floorball. On average, therefore, more than 20 different sports are always available: it is one of the most varied bookmakers. Finally we also want to mention the excellent selection of eSports, a real phenomenon of the moment in the betting world, which has recently exploded among the youngest.

Chapter markets: in this area probably still something to improve there is, given that the operator from which LeoVegas took over the license could offer some more choices. However, we are talking about almost 100 different types of bets for cartel football matches, which can therefore satisfy almost all bettors. There are many special markets on which you can bet: some combo available more would complete the package very well. However, we cannot forget to mention the markets available for tennis top matches, which reach up to 40, and ice hockey, which often exceed 60.

Live and streaming bets

Even in terms of live betting, LeoVegas does not disappoint his fans. More than 150 events offered in-play every day and divided into about 8 different sports disciplines are numbers that lead us critics to promote the Stockholm operator also with regards to this kind of betting. The excellent pre-match payouts are then replicated also for live play. Events can also count on excellent statistics and infographics in real time. However, the absence, for the moment, of a live streaming service of sporting events should be emphasized. Anyone looking for an operator with this characteristic, however, can certainly beat the bwin streaming schedule.

Multiple and systems

Also on the LeoVegas betting site, like many other competitors, it is possible to play both in single mode and in multiple and system mode. The chances of winning diminish obviously by inserting more events in a single ticket, but at the same time the multiplier becomes richer. Or try to follow one of the tips we have indicated on our strategy page. To you then the choice: to select the preferred mode, all you have to do is choose the odds and click on the coupon that will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Betting and winnings limits

LeoVegas inherited the regular ADM concession of the now-disappeared Winga betting site. As a licensed operator and therefore legal, the Swedish operator also respects all the parameters that limit the bets and the possible winnings of the sites. On the Stockholm bookie platform it is therefore possible to play bets for at least € 2. The maximum payout is represented by € 10,000 in the case of single and multiple and € 50,000 in the case of systematic bets.

Analysis of shares and payouts

We have already anticipated this in the introduction of this review by LeoVegas: quotas are one of the strengths of the Swedish operator. The discussion on payouts needs to be deepened, because it presents some peculiarities different from the other competitors on the scene. Many betting sites are limited to offering high odds on some important matches of the most popular sports. Instead, our average pre-match payouts on all sports and all the matches we have analyzed have emerged from our surveys. The only case in which we have found a percentage below 90%, even if only slightly, is football, a sport which, however, also offers the highest odds, reaching 96%. As you can see from the illustrative table that we have elaborated and that we report below, almost all sports get very close or exceed the 95% threshold in the maximum payouts; in the minimum ones they never fall, apart from the football exception, below 91%. These are decidedly above average percentages when compared with those of other operators.

Volleyball payouts are those that on average remain lower, but still on average if not even higher than those of other competitors. We owe a special mention to the payouts of ice hockey, a Swedish national sport, which usually suffers from lower odds. On the other hand, LeoVegas online bets reveal odds of up to 95.2% and in any case on average very high, whether it is NHL, AHL or Swedish league. The same positive discourse can be done for the live payouts of the Swedish operator: but this is a topic that we will deal with separately in the review dedicated to in-play bets.

The LeoVegas site between layout and functionality

The nostalgics of the old Winga site will be able to find many features in common with the new LeoVegas betting site. The structure in fact remained roughly the same, despite a restyling that refreshed the portal, especially in the color combinations and in the arrangement of some elements. The left sidebar offers the whole schedule in a very orderly manner, thanks to a summary with a dark background and very readable characters. Here we find links to the home page, live page and events that start shortly. A series of the most popular championships and sports follow. Finally we find the summary with all the sports present in the schedule. The top navigation bar, on the other hand, allows you to switch between the various games offered by the operator as well as bets, and therefore casinos and live casinos, slots, bingo, lotteries and Roulette TV, a real workhorse for the operator.

The central part of the page is the one that has undergone the most changes in the transition from the old operator to the new one. The background has gone from black to a soft cream color. A choice that we really appreciate and that facilitates the vision and immediacy of information. In the home there are a selection of live events and popular events of the day in nice boxes. Each sport also has its own dedicated page divided into three parts: live and upcoming events, competitions and sports. Finally, at the top right you can access your game account. The site is generally agile and playable, but does not reach the fluidity of the Betfair platform.

How to make a bet ?

Placing a bet on the website of the bookmaker LeoVegas is a very simple operation. As you can see in the three images we have shown below this paragraph, just look at the left sidebar to find all the sports offered by the operator. By clicking on the preferred sporting discipline, for example football, it is sufficient to search among the live events proposed or between the upcoming events scheduled to find the matches and matches of the current day. If on the other hand the meetings were in the days following the selection, you will find the entire program in the section Navigate Soccer. Under Competitions all the possible ante-post bets offered by the bookmaker are grouped. After choosing sport and tournament it is time to move on to the second step: the selection of the odds. Carefully weigh up if you want to bet on a classic end result or want to look for a more particular market: just click on the desired match to have access to all the betting possibilities provided.

Clicking on the odds you will see that the ticket with all your selections will appear automatically from below. All that remains is to face the last step. Decide the amount you want to bet and enter it in the appropriate blank space on the receipt. Then choose whether to play a single, multiple or system bet: at this point you are ready to finish the bet, confirming your selection with the “Bet” button.

More information on LeoVegas

The LeoVegas betting site was founded in the year 2011 in Stockholm by Gustaf Hagman (CEO) and Robin Ramm-Ericson (Chairman). Despite its young age compared to other competitors in the sector, the Swedish bookie immediately undergoes rapid growth which leads it to leave Scandinavian borders and establish itself internationally, thanks also to a vocation for mobile betting. The year 2015 sees the company grow by 124%, while as of March 2016 it goes back on the stock exchange listing. A month before the 2016 European Football Championships, the Swedish bookmaker is launching his sports bets for the first time, followed in 2017 by the first sponsorships of English Championship clubs, such as Brentford FC and Norwich City.

In the same year the acquisitions of the Royal Panda players in the United Kingdom, with the consequent landing in the most regulated markets of the Old Continent. Winga had been present on the European market since 2011 and was known above all for its Roulette TV, which also passed through the ranks of the Swedish operator. Since the end of the year, LeoVegas has granted its trademark to the European subsidiary, initiating a definitive brand change and entering rightfully among the most promising newborn operators.

Quality customer service

We have tested the LeoVegas customer service through the two classic options that are offered, or via email or by phone. The call center guys are very prepared and willing to solve any kind of problem they are subjected to. The telephone line is active every day from 10.00 to 23.00 and reachable by phone number 02.00620264. Do not forget to keep the ID and PIN that will be requested during the call. From this it follows that for unregistered users the only possibility of contact remains e-mail, since the Swedish operator for the moment does not provide a live chat service.

License and security information

In the previous paragraphs we have described how the landing of Leo Vegas in the Belpaese was preceded by the acquisition of the operator Winga. Thanks to this operation, the Swedish bookie also took over the concession number 15011 of the Customs and Monopoly Agency, with which it operates legally in our country. Thanks to its international stature, the Swedish operator offers very high security standards and the encryption of personal data, entrusted to the American company expert in SSL certification DigiCert, is based on a 256 bit encryption and is extremely reliable.

In this review by LeoVegas we have already been able to underline how the Swedish bookmaker can count on a solid international structure. All this has been made possible thanks to particular attention to issues such as responsible gaming, which has facilitated the acquisition of the most restrictive licenses. In addition to applying measures such as self-exclusion from the game, a process that can help a player who feels in difficulty, the Swedish bookmaker works with a series of organizations that promote safe gaming such as Gambling Therapy, Gamble Aware and Gamcare. It also dedicated an entire website to these issues, where he could also receive any kind of support and help.

Bonus points

The “Bonus Points” section of our review of betting sites serves to highlight all those activities that are not central to the skills that a bookmaker must have, but which complement and enrich the betting experience. Unfortunately, as you can see from the graphics that we report in a few lines, the LeoVegas betting site for the time being is able to collect only a little bit thanks to the activism on social networks.

We must however suspend judgment for the time being. The Swedish operator is really the latest on the European stage and has plenty of time to repeat the resounding international success achieved in recent years, which has led him several times to win prestigious awards abroad. Unfortunately we cannot in fact assign any point for streaming and we must leave the boxes referring to horse racing and virtual sports at zero. However, those interested in these two disciplines can certainly find an interesting solution for their passions in the BetFlag schedule.

An internationally trusted player

At the end of this this long review by LeoVegas we can finally draw the sums and, a few days after the launch on the European market, draw an initial balance on the Swedish operator and its offer. We have emphasized the strengths of the Stockholm bookmaker and you will not be surprised to see high scores awarded to the items offered for play and payout. Moreover the number of sports present in the schedule and the average odds applied to all the disciplines place LeoVegas at the absolute top among the betting sites. The markets chapter did well, although with room for improvement, especially with regards to combo bets. We must also underline the excellent playability of the platform, very intuitive and smooth and pleasant also from a graphic point of view.

Our final grade could also be higher if we had found in the betting offer of LeoVegas also the horse racing and virtual sports sections and a live streaming service of sporting events to complement the famous Roulette TV inherited from Winga. We also had to note the lack of a live chat to communicate with customer service, a means of communication that we find very convenient and that we tend to prefer over phone and email. But we are sure that these small defects will soon be resolved by the Scandinavian operator: the landing on the ItaliEuropean market is indeed recent and with a little time the international experience will come to the surface.

How can I access the personal account area of ​​the site?

In the upper right corner you can enter your email address and password and access the game account by clicking on the icon located in the same place on the page.

Can you bet on eSports with LeoVegas?

Yes, the Swedish bookmaker offers numerous eSports to bet on, including Dota2 and League of Legend.

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