eSports betting regulation

The betting sector also realizes the enormous potential of professional video gamers and decides to regulate the sector. In 2015, it is the UK Gambling Commission to open bets on eSports in the UK. From 2016 it became legal to bet on eSports in UK, after the Customs and Monopoly Agency regulated the market. It will also soon be possible to bet on electronic sports that simulate real sports like PES and FIFA, after this market will be regulated. The future promises to be rosy. The IOC has officially recognized the eSports and there are already those who propose the inclusion of these disciplines in the category of Olympic sports.

Electronic sports: an exponentially growing phenomenon

On a given they all agree. ESports is an exponentially growing phenomenon, and the trend should not be reversed in the years to come. And not just because it mainly involves an age group made up of young and very young people. Indeed, online video games enjoy an audience of around 200 million people, which far exceeds that of the main traditional entertainment networks such as Netflix, Hbo, Espn and Hulo combined, and can also count on incredible popularity in the Asian market. In February 2017 alone, 100 million hours of the League of Legends game only were watched.

In 2012, Twitch reached 55 million monthly users and was later taken over by Amazon: in 2018 it reached 90 million viewers. Finally an economic fact: in 2018 the eSports constitute a market of a billion dollars and even here the forecasts are constantly growing.

Let’s get ready for the bets of the future

At the end of this review we have certainly understood one thing: the future of online betting comes from eSports. The explosive mix of young and growing audiences and the possibility of following live events in streaming, with all the details and in HD, make it the product to which all bookmakers look more closely. Licensed operators have found themselves ready to liberalize the betting market on professional video gamers and are investing significant amounts to make the experience more engaging.

With this guide we have tried to offer a more complete tool to all bettors who want to approach this new member of the betting family: there are many excellent bookmakers to do so, but without a doubt the best betting site for eSports is William Hill.

What are the major eSports tournaments?

Regarding DOTA2 the most important tournament is without a doubt the International, while the World Championship is the most prestigious tournament for lovers of League of Legends.

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