ESport betting bonuses


Those approaching eSports betting for the first time must learn some new things, as we have seen, on the markets and on the teams. The best way to do it and start having fun right away is to take advantage of the eSports welcome bonuses that the best bookmakers make available to bettors. Thanks to free bets you can in fact allow yourself the luxury of learning all the tricks of betting on electronic sports without the fear of making mistakes. In fact, the best eSports betting sites offer bettors extraordinarily high bonuses with very high ceilings and sometimes even promotions entirely dedicated to this type of bets.

We chose the 888sport bonus among all of them, because, in addition to an excellent ceiling and advantageous conditions, it also offers the best odds to play on eSports. In this regard, however, we cannot fail to mention the increased odds on electronic sports offered regularly by William Hill. Another very active bookmaker when it comes to promotions dedicated to League of Legends: in addition to offering a virtually unbeatable welcome bonus, it often also offers very attractive odds.

Strategies for betting on electronic sports

Bets on eSports in UK are a relatively new fact and, as you may have already understood, you cannot adopt the same strategies and tactics with which we are used to playing on traditional sports. To bet in this area and hope to win and profit, we will need some tricks. Easy money does not exist: it is also a matter of carefully studying the teams and their composition. Statistics in hand, knowing the state of form of the teams facing each other, and their attitudes in particular in relation to the maps on which they will challenge. From this point of view it can be very useful to look at yourself and to study some videos of the previous team meetings on which we want to bet. More generally, knowing in depth the video game on which we want to bet helps to make informed decisions.

For those who want to bet on electronic sports for the first time, we would like to recommend some behaviors to be avoided or at least to pay attention to. Do not rely for example on the purely abstract logic of numbers. Depending on the map or the tournament, the teams might behave differently. The same goes for the new teams, which tread the stage of a big tournament for the first time. It is not certain that they behave like, for example, the newly promoted football teams in Serie A. Focus at the beginning on a few tournaments and video games and not on all, in order to become experts in a short time. Finally, since we are talking about a new discipline born simultaneously with the internet, you have a huge advantage at your disposal: a huge gaming community, which is expressed on blogs, forums and various sites from which to draw news on the teams in play.

Live bets: where to find streaming and statistics

Thanks to the bookmakers it is possible to bet live on eSports. However, it is not yet possible to follow the most important events of the international calendar on the platforms of the same operators in live streaming. This is a market that is still experiencing an organizational phase. Soon important changes are expected from this point of view. But don’t worry: eSports are born with an advantage over other classic sports disciplines and the technology is all on their side. If you want to follow the electronic sport tournaments in streaming you are in fact available the embarrassment of the choice.

Platforms such as Twitch, ggbet or Youtube in fact broadcast numerous meetings in HD and free viewing every day. In particular, proposes a complete schedule of events, which has allowed the platform to achieve even greater success in recent years. Slowly even traditional televisions are taking an interest in the eSports phenomenon and soon we will be able to see whole tournaments broadcast on traditional broadcasters. As for the statistics, you are only spoiled for choice. In fact, in bookmaker websites you can already find a lot of information you are looking for. But at the same time you can also consult numerous statistics sites dedicated to electronic sports, easily accessible online.

Bets on eSports in UK and in the world

Although eSports are a relatively recent phenomenon in Europe, it has been steadily increasing in popularity around the world for several years now. Atari organized the first Space Invaders tournament in 1981. The origin of publicly sponsored video game tournaments dates back to the 1990s, when the first contests with Nintendo consoles were organized.

At the turn of the millennium and in the early 2000s, however, thanks to the internet, the phenomenon experienced a truly global and mass diffusion. The activity became very popular especially in some Asian states such as China and South Korea, where, thanks to the creation of associations such as the Korean eSports Association, it was disciplined and was able to expand further. In 2011 was born, which further contributed to the widespread dissemination of electronic sports.

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