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Bookmakers with the best odds on eSports

After this interesting overview that allowed us to learn more about the world of eSports, we also see in detail the payouts and the odds that licensed bookmakers offer on different electronic sports. It is difficult to evaluate eSports odds and it does not make much sense to compare them with those of the other sports offered by bookmakers, as these are very different kinds of bets. The same quotisti of the classic operators took time to find the right measures. In our analysis we examined the four most popular video games currently in UK.

The most tempting dish turned out to be Counter-Strike Global Offensive, whose maximum payouts reached 94.0%, with the lowest ones, still at 91.7%, which proved to be higher than the average of the competitors. Even the maximum payouts we detected for Defense of the Ancient 2 proved to be up to the videogame fame, reaching up to 93.7%. League of Legends and StarCraft 2 instead have more average percentages, with the first of the two games that in some cases revealed payouts below the 90% threshold.

The main markets available

We have already briefly mentioned the markets present regarding eSports betting in UK. Compared to traditional sports like football, the betting possibilities offered on electronic sports are still decidedly reduced, but with the exponential increase in their popularity this gap is destined to shrink in the years to come. After this introduction, we enter more specifically. For all the eSports present in the various program schedules there is the Winning meeting market. As we have seen before, however, this is something very different from the final outcome of traditional sports. We then dedicate a few lines to better understand what the main markets available refer to.

Winning match

If in football a match is won by who scored more goals than the opponent, and in tennis by the player who wins first two or three sets, in the context of betting eSports this market refers to something a little different, to unless we refer to video games that simulate real sports, like PES or FIFA. In DOTA2, for example, the winning team is the one that by destroying the towers manages to destroy the enemy base. The conquest of Nexus, the base of the adversary, is also the purpose of LOL and the event that ends the meeting and establishes the winner. Just like traditional bets, you can play this market both pre match and live. A meeting is not expected to end in balance.

Winning map

Even if the terminology begins to deviate from that of the classic sports we are used to, we can still give ourselves some comparisons to better understand what it is. When we talk about the Winning Map market, in particular in relation to League of Legends, the eSports on which the greatest number of bets are concentrated today, is as if referring to a market such as First Time Result for Football or Winning Set for tennis. The LOL game is in fact composed of three phases, each set in a different map, called Map 1, Map 2 and Map 3. Some bookmakers also offer the possibility to play the exact Map result market.

Team that spills blood first

The market Squad that spills blood first is typical and characteristic of the main eSports on which you can bet today in England. This is a partial market, perhaps the most immediate of those possible. Wanting to make comparisons with the sports that we know best, this type of bet can be compared to the market Squad that marks the first goal in football or Winner first game as far as tennis is concerned. This market is present on DOTA2, LOL and SC2: decisive, for the purpose of assigning the bet, is the team that first manages to hit and inflict damage on the opposing team. There are also other partial markets similar to this: as regards LOL, for example, Squad that destroys the first tower.

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