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February 2016: this is the date on which 888sport officially opened the betting site to the public and, considering the fame gained abroad in recent years, we could not avoid reviewing it in depth. As with all other bookmakers present on this portal, we have evaluated every relevant aspect: odds, security, variety of sports on which to bet, live play, graphics, site navigation and much more.

Being a new site and with ample room for improvement we certainly did not expect excellence and, all in all, the tricolor version of 888sport deserves a good grade in every area without so many hesitations. However, it is certain that, as you will find out by reading the next few lines, the road to go to worry about the most advanced betting sites is still long.

An overview

The offer of sports and markets of 888sport is substantially good and does not have much to envy to those of many of the other bookmakers examined here. From football to other sports the choice is discreet, even if not immense.

The selection of sports and markets

We do not want readers if we start from football in assessing the quality of the sports bookmaker’s proposal in question. Good offer of European leagues, which also includes the two Serie C rounds, England, Germany and the Netherlands in the lead. Not bad either the choice of extra continental championships such as the Australian, Bolivian, Qatari and Nigerian ones. Also interesting are the types of bets proposed, from the most classic to the most innovative ones, such as the goal scored in both times, the victory of a team without conceding goals or the success of a formation in at least one time.

If the ball is not your passion, 888sport shares other very popular disciplines such as volleyball, basketball (continental, American and more), tennis with the main tournaments of the most popular circuits, motors, handball and rugby . Not even the ice hockey with the NHL and the championships of the European nations culturally traditionally linked to skates and sticks, like Sweden, are missing. Badminton, darts and snooker complete the offer giving a touch of originality.

Live bets and streaming events

The impact with 888sport live bets is definitely positive with regards to the number of markets available for each discipline. In this sense 888sport is impeccable. With regret it must be emphasized, however, that there are few events on which it is possible to bet in real time and that there is a great lack of infographics, but above all detailed statistics on the progress of the matches, very useful for understanding the best game to play. Ultimately, a decidedly significant factor, streaming is not envisaged, unlike bwin, which has made this service one of its strengths.

Multiple and systems

If the singles are not your forte or you still enjoy playing multiple and combining multiple events through a system, the betting site allows you to select up to a maximum of 12 matches per coupon. Clicking on the odds you will add the desired matches to a summary list on the right of the monitor where you can decide how to play them. Automatically, by choosing more than one event, the site proposes the multiple. If the intent is to compose a system you will have to select it manually and enter the amount to be played in the box next to the type of combination you are interested in. By clicking on the “Bet” button, the bet is finally validated.

Betting and winnings limits

€ 2 is the minimum amount to play for a bet to be accepted, whether single, multiple or a system; € 10,000 the maximum winnings you can win with single and multiple and € 50,000 with systems.

Analysis of shares and payouts

A pleasant surprise for those, and we would miss something else, consider the amount of quotas a decisive discriminant in the choice of an operator. Among the betting sites reviewed on this site, 888sport ranks among those with the highest average payout along with William Hill, after having performed a sample analysis of the major sports. With 93.30% it is even the second best for football percentages and by far the most generous in tennis.

Fans of the latter sport will be happy to know that the record is confirmed also with regard to the odds offered on live events with a payout of 93.45%. Not bad at all. If the choice to pay well has been taken to impress the public, attract new customers and take some away from the competition, well, we believe it can be apt. For this reason, a good 9 in this area 888sport earns it without having to think twice about it.

Graphics and site functionality

On the site, as in the app, a black background dominates all the backgrounds of 888, practically a trademark. As in the logo then, the second color is orange. At the two colors add the white and 99% of the chromatic part of the website version of the bookmaker just landed in UK is done. If the first impact is not evil, one immediately notices that something is wrong. It is not images that, although not spectacular or particularly innovative, perform their iconographic function diligently. What instead disturbs are the writings, really too small.

Both in the sidebar, where there is a useful list with the leagues in evidence of various sports and with all the other sporting disciplines offered, that in the central host the meetings and the odds, serves (we exaggerate a little) a lens of ‘magnification to find on the fly what you are looking for. Coming to live events is a bit better. The games in progress, being highlighted in yellow, are much more recognizable. The absence of infographics and detailed statistics that allow the bettor to get the idea that it is as complete as possible about the event in question weighs heavily on the final evaluation.

How to make a bet?

After sticking to the screen to find sport, country and league where the scheduled matches you are interested in are located, the greatest effort is made. With a click on the meeting you will enlarge the list of markets with the relative shares, while if you are satisfied with those proposed by default (1X2), just select the one that best suits you, continuing the same way if you want to compose a multiple or a system. At the top right you will find the summary: enter the amount to be played in the appropriate space and click the “Bet” button is what remains to be done to complete the operation.

If, on the other hand, live bets are those that whet your appetite the most, enter the appropriate section of the site and, like for pre-match play, choose the event in progress and the market that you think can guarantee you a win. Click the ideal dimension, also in this case it will be added to the card in the upper right corner. Enter the number and confirm.

More information on 888sport

888sport is the son of 888 Holdings plc., A company founded in 1997 by the brothers Avi and Aaron Shaked and by Ron Ben-Yitzhak in Antigua. The company’s business was initially focused only on casinos and online poker and continued on that path until 2008, when the offer of 888 expanded to include sports bets.

Good or bad the same evolution process has also replicated: games and poker at the time of landing in 2011 and bets five years later. Since 2005 the company has been listed on the London Stock Exchange. Today it is chaired by Richard Kilsby and administered by Gigi Levy and, between its administrative headquarters in Gibraltar and the other branches, it offers work to around 900 employees.

The quality of customer service

Customer service still to be tested, but it was to be expected given the recent opening. No live chat and support only by phone or email from 8.00 to 20.00 from Monday to Saturday and from 8.00 to 16.00 on Sunday. Answers via email are not always timely and comprehensive as you would expect from those who do not offer a chat even to followers.

Licensing and security directions

To be rewarded is the attention to safety that the betting site dedicates to its users to allow them to play without worries and in total serenity. Sensitive data is protected by GoDaddy, an American company that has the task of encrypting the site’s connection with a 128-bit system, but 888 is also in the front row as regards the protection of minors and the prevention of gambling-related diseases. . The sending of an identity document to verify the data entered during the registration phase is a first precautionary measure. Identity card, driver’s license, passport, arms and ID and BT identification cards are accepted. 888sport also implements a responsible gaming policy and collaborates with gambling therapy, an online psychological support service dedicated to those who experience gambling problems. The bookmaker in question is finally in possession of an ADM license number 15014 thanks to which it can legally operate in UK.

Bonus points

In the final evaluation of 888sport weighs the “0” under “bonus points”. Not transmitting events in streaming, not having yet developed a social policy for the European market and not foreseeing in the offer horse betting and virtual sports, it was clear that the global vote could not be on a par with that of other operators. It consoles the fact that, as we have already said several times, being a new entry on the scene bodes well for the future. Also as regards possible prizes to the next EGR Awards.

Conclusions: the direction is the right one

At the end of the 888sport betting journey the time has come to draw conclusions. Above all, the high payout is to be commended, which represents an excellent starting point for attempting a run-up to the leaders of the European market.

The graphics and the usability of the site are certainly to be improved, but the attention of 888sport will have to focus above all on the development of customer service, on the expansion of the betting offer, on proposing a live streaming service and statistics on live events. Furthermore, there are no apps to download for mobile betting. For virtual events or horse racing you can also wait, but otherwise you will soon expect news. Ultimately we can conclude that, to be a newborn, the 888 site designed for European users is really well done and can be exploited by anyone for the excellent odds offered. There is still a lot of work to do to develop the potential that has been demonstrated to the full, but the road taken is undoubtedly the right one.

What should I do if I have changed my phone number or residential address?

In case you have changed phone number or residence number it is essential to update the data entered in the 888 database at the time of registration. To do this just enter your account, click on “Reload” and select “Deposit”. On the page that appears, dedicated to payments using Visa and MasterCard cards, there is a link with the cardholder’s data (Name, Address, City). By clicking on it you can make the necessary changes and press send to confirm.

I requested a withdrawal, but I changed my mind, can I cancel the transaction?

Yes, by entering the “Cashier” through your personal account, just enter “Withdrawal” and click on “Cancel withdrawal”. If you have multiple requests pending at the moment choose the one you want to delete and then click on “Cancel withdrawal” to confirm.

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